Helleborus x hybridus ‘Pioneer selection’

Welcome to the website of the Hertfordshire Hardy Plant Society. 

We are friendly and enthusiastic gardeners and garden lovers of all levels of skill and ability, with a common interest in learning more about perennial plants.

We have a winter programme of talks, with slides or of a practical nature, from well   known speakers. These talks are followed by refreshments with home made cakes, and a members’ plant stall. Our summer programme usually includes a coach trip, garden and nursery visits, a Seedling Swap and a public Plant Sale.

We welcome new members and visitors to the group, see the Join Us page for how to attend as a visitor, or join the national HPS & our group.


Cyclamen coum

The Hertfordshire group is one of 50 regional and specialist groups of the Hardy Plant Society. The aim of the HPS, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2017, is to stimulate interest in growing hardy herbaceous perennials.

The Hardy Plant Society, with the support of local groups, organises events around the country for members,such as garden visits, study days and lectures. Benefits of national membership also include two colour journals and three newsletters annually, and the opportunity to take part in Seed Distribution and Plant Conservation Schemes.

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