Daisy Roots at the Chelsea Flower Show


Chelsea Flower Show: Nursery rooting for drought success

A nursery based in Hertfordshire is exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time with a garden that thrives in drought conditions.

Created by Anne Godfrey of Daisy Roots she said: “Although we’re having a hose pipe ban I wanted to show it was still possible to have a beautiful garden.”

The exhibition from the Hertford based nursery features 60 species of plants including salvia and verbascum.

Environment Agency figures show the Anglia region as the driest in England.

Ms Godfrey said: “Plants have spent millennia adapting to various conditions, creating a whole range of plants to cope with drought conditions for us.

“Plants with a waxy coating, silver leaves so they reflect the sunlight back so they don’t get too hot, or tiny leaves so they have less surface areas to lose water from.”

Ms Godfrey said it had long been her ambition to exhibit her nursery at Chelsea.

“Being at Chelsea was on my bucket list. Up until we arrived and started putting plants in place it was all very stressful, but I’m pleased with what we’ve done,” she said.

“So far the whole Chelsea experience has been good. It’s amazing looking around and seeing the best horticulture in the whole world.

“We’ve had the judges round, but as long as I’m happy and the public like it when the show opens that’s all that matters.”

Judging will be revealed when the world-famous flower show opens to the public on Tuesday.

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