Seed Distribution

Last year we had a magnificent response to our request for seed donations. The 2012 seed list brought in many new types of seed, including plants that are often hard to find. Please continue to send in your donations, especially since there is concern that seed may be in short supply owing to the late season and poor weather conditions in parts of England. Members who have not previously offered seed could look to see what plants they would like to share and then follow the instructions below.

The Seed Distribution’s success depends on members both giving and taking seed.

  1. Collect, name dry and clean your seed (in that order). Take care identifying and labelling seed. Store seed in a dry and cool environment, e.g. a plastic container at the bottom of the fridge.
  2. Put your seed into labelled packets. If you do not have suitable packets available, packets can be obtained free of charge from Joe Sime (address below).
  3. Write out an alphabetical list of seed you are sending, making sure that the name on the list is the same as the seed and that your name and address are on the list.
  4. Please send seed (however small the amount) to S.J. Sime, Park Cottage, Penley, Wrexham, LL130LS to arrive by 31 October 2012. Seed that arrives after 31 October will not be wasted but will be included in Distributor’s Choice.

In fact Joe will accept seed at any time of year. A more detailed account of how to collect and clean seed is provided in the HPS July 2011 Newsletter and on the HPS Website. Sue Pinsent will be Seed Distribution Manager for the 2013 Seed Distribution but the rest of the team and the system will remain unchanged. We are looking forward to a successful run of the 2013 Seed Distribution with your seed donations.

Barbara Matthewman

Seed Distribution Coordinator

National HPS Seed Distribution:

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