Visiting Derry Watkins at Special Plants

With an afternoon spare while staying in Wells, Somerset, early in September, Bill and I decided to visit Special Plants, near Bath.  Tucked away down a single-track lane flanked by tall hedgerows, Derry Watkins’ nursery is deep in the Wiltshire countryside.  Entering via the small gateway, I was immediately struck by the number of unusualContinue reading “Visiting Derry Watkins at Special Plants”

Tree Recognition Challenge

Below are two photos of an unknown tree, which is growing in the gardens of Stoberry Park in Wells Somertset ( We stayed for a night at Stoberry Park on our way to Cornwall, it was a lovely place to stay. The tree is about 12 to 15 feet tall, and has striped bark. PleaseContinue reading “Tree Recognition Challenge”

Members Open Garden : Visit Report, Bromley Hall

Members Open Garden – A Personal View During August I looked at the garden and wondered what on earth had made me offer to open the garden to Hardy Plant Society members in September.   This year wild life had done its worst!  A Muntjac deer had deposited its baby underneath the paeonies, rabbits abounded throughoutContinue reading “Members Open Garden : Visit Report, Bromley Hall”

HPS Chairman’s Update – September 2012

Taken from the national website, below is Vivienne McGhee’s September update. To leave comments for Vivienne go to the original page here. Click the photos to enlarge them. August has been a quieter month for me in that I have been at home most of the time. Unfortunately that did not mean a lot ofContinue reading “HPS Chairman’s Update – September 2012”

WGC Horticultural Society: 90th Anniversary, Roy Lancaster

Adrian de Baat forwarded a note from the WGCHS saying there are still tickets available to hear Roy Lancaster speak, full details below. Their secretary said they wanted to achieve a full house, and encouraged members and non-members to buy a ticket and come along. ROY LANCASTER ‘Plants, People and Places’ Tuesday 9th October 2012Continue reading “WGC Horticultural Society: 90th Anniversary, Roy Lancaster”

Graham Rice: Request for help with Euphorbias

Our member Judy Barker spotted this piece on the Graham Rice blog, he has reached out for help with Euphorbias, you can read his request and provide feedback in the comments on his web page at this address: Summary below: Hello everyone, I need your help. I’m working on an article about variegated formsContinue reading “Graham Rice: Request for help with Euphorbias”