Tree Recognition Challenge

Below are two photos of an unknown tree, which is growing in the gardens of Stoberry Park in Wells Somertset ( We stayed for a night at Stoberry Park on our way to Cornwall, it was a lovely place to stay. The tree is about 12 to 15 feet tall, and has striped bark. Please note the zigzag joins to the bark on the trunk. If you have any idea what this might be, leave your thoughts in the comments at the bottom. Click each photo to enlarge it, many thanks for any clues. As an added incentive, a visiting HPS group to the garden has so far failed to identify the tree!

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  1. No, I’m stumped!
    Some kind of Euonymous?
    Suggest forwarding photos to RHS for correct ident

  2. Euonymus was my first thought too. Maybe you could email the pictures to the RHS advice service. Sorry, Heather’s already suggested that I see!

  3. According to this page:

    If an RHS member were to send them an email with a link to this page, including their membership number, they will have a look and try to help.

    Over to you Edwina? 😉

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