Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

History of the HPS on the National Site

National HPS has added a history of the HPS as a presentation, click here to visit the relevant page.

2013 HPS Seed Catalogue

This years HPS Seed Catalogue is being sent by post as I write, you should receive your paper copy along with your national newsletter soon.  With the agreement of Sue Pinsent the national seed distribution co-ordinator, the HHPS are lucky enough to have prompt access to the catalogue in PDF format, as the production of the paper copy involved myself.  Please note that orders must be made using the paper form, and is not included in the PDF.  The catalogue is on a new page on our site here [Link removed, out of date], using the password distributed to members by email, or at the recent meeting in Wheathampstead. If you are unable to locate the password, use the Contact Us form to ask for a reminder of the black and white movie stars which guide the choice of password.

Autumn in Sherrardspark Woods

Conservation Plants by member Peter Tomson

Iris Banbury Gem (covered here at Avondale) is pretty and I propagated it by division. Moltkia doerfleri (here at HPS) seems easy to grow and not invasive unlike some moltkias. Propagated this by cuttings. These plants were entrusted to me by the conservation scheme.

Peter Tomson

Moltkia doerfleri

Iris Banbury Gem