Butterfly World | Volunteer Opportunity with Free Membership

DSC_1235Butterfly World (close to St Albans) are hoping to create a beautiful new British Butterfly Garden for Spring 2015 that will be the inspiration for thousands of visitors each year to create butterfly havens at home. This garden will show visitors how it is possible to create beautiful gardens that also attract British butterflies. The new design would include formal planting schemes, short and long informal landscaped area, a ‘moth mount’ and a caterpillar corner. Volunteers could be working with plants such as Field Scabious, Hemp Agrimony and Knapweed that specifically attract local species of butterfly as well as more traditional shrubs and flowers.

The organisers would love to talk to you about whether you might like to get involved in this project with us. Volunteers will be able to learn from our experts, make new friends and be part of the team behind a striking new garden that visitors and butterflies will enjoy for many years to come. Regular volunteers will also receive a free seasonal membership to Butterfly World.

Anyone interested in volunteering can download a volunteer form from our website http://www.butterflyworldproject.com/ and email it to info@butterflyworldproject.com. Application forms can also be requested by calling 01727 869203 and posted back to us.

The application form is on this page and attached here.

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