2015 Seedling Swap

The Herts Group Seedling Swap drew a bumper number of visitors to David and Jane Singleton’s sunny garden last Saturday. David is a fuchsia enthusiast and his greenhouse was packed with healthy-looking rooted cuttings, many of which will end up growing on in the polytunnel which also doubles a cover for his swimming pool! A series of well-tended island beds were full of spring colour and fresh foliage, including plants such as marbled-leaved Arum italicum ‘Marmoratum’ and the delicate, green-tipped bells of Leucojum aestivum, all offset beautifully by perfectly manicured lawns.

Some interesting seedlings were on offer, from golden, spherical cucumbers to Capsicum annuum var annuum, otherwise known as the Penis Pepper as the chillies have a certain anatomical resemblance. Tea and cake was very welcome and members enjoyed the opportunity to chat and meander around the garden. Many thanks to the Singletons for their hospitality – it made for a lovely morning.

NGS Open Garden Update: Two gardens have cancelled their openings for this year: Queenswood School (24th May) and South Wing (4th July).

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