Reveley Lodge

Hello Members,

Long-standing Herts HPS members Madeleine and John McCormack are trustees of Reveley Lodge in Bushey Heath.  The HHPS has historical connections with Reveley; the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National HPS was celebrated by the Herts Group there, and the current Head Gardener, Nick Boyes, was a founder member of the HHPS in 1989.

The trustees of Reveley Lodge have been exploring ways to put Reveley on a more stable financial footing: one option is to sell a piece of land opposite the Lodge (the paddock).  The proceeds of this sale would finance the renovation of the house which is falling into serious disrepair.  The roof leaks in a number of places and the heating system is antiquated.  The money would also enable much needed improvement to both house and garden for use by the community, particularly the disabled.

Discussion of the sale of the paddock has been going on for a few years now, and has sparked local opposition from Bushey Heath Resident’s Association.

Madeleine is an ex-trustee of the HPS and former national Vice Chair, and over the years has been Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair to the Herts Group.  John has helped run the national photography competitions and website.  In recognition of the contribution of Madeleine and John to the HHPS, the Committee have decided to alert members to their cause, and to provide access to their petition. Two further links also lead to information about the background to the history and function of Reveley Lodge, and the reasons behind the proposal to sell the land, and the counter-argument of local residents who wish to keep the site as open space.

If you need more information direct from Madeleine or John you can email them personally using the form below, or use the links to find out more about this issue.

Further reading and action:

  1. Letter and Petition Form:
  2. Reveley Lodge background to the sale of the paddock:
  3. Bushey Heath Residents Association background to the sale:
  4. Hertsmere Response Form Page:–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Local-Plan/Site-Allocations-And-Development-Management-PoliciesDPD.aspx
  5. Hertsmere Response Form Direct Link:–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Local-Plan/SADM-Response-form.doc

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