Water & Biscuits | Vacancy for Refreshments Coordinator

Until the AGM in November, Linda Williams will have ably organised the refreshments at our Saturday meetings and we are all grateful to her for all her hard work and dedication. In December we have our annual Christmas party to which members bring a feast, but from January we will be short of someone to organise our hot drinks and cake for each meeting.

The main tasks for the Refreshments Coordinator include:

  • Setting up the hot drinks for each meeting
  • Ensuring supplies of tea, coffee, sugar and milk are maintained
  • Displaying the cakes – these are provided by member volunteers
  • Coordinating other helpers for each meeting, who volunteer via clipboards
  • Providing refreshments at the annual plant sale in early summer
  • Being invited to committee meetings to participate in general (enjoyable) discussions about running the group.

The job could be shared or rotated amongst two or more people, who would have the support of cake makers and volunteers for each meeting.

If you would like to know more (without any commitment this stage) we have a more detailed job description which is available; use the form below to get in touch, or use the usual committee details.

As one of our previous Chairmen made clear when faced with this dilemma, without this role being filled the best that can be provided is cold water and biscuits. The committee will provide support as needed and hope someone would enjoy being involved alongside us.

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