HHPS Deputy Web Person Opportunity

At the moment all the knowledge about our website, email address, Twitter and Facebook accounts resides with only myself. If someone were interested to learn how all this fits together, and in particular how to add articles to our website, this is your chance.

The main skill is the same as Word processing – writing news items, adding photos, using formatting, and adding web links. WordPress is the software behind our website, it’s user friendly and easy to use.

A volunteer would have a full introduction from myself – and perhaps take on some simple article postings.  By having a Deputy we share the technical knowledge and also account logins and passwords, just in case I were not to be around (whether by accident or otherwise).

There isn’t a vast amount of items to be added to the site – mainly the garden reminders during the first part of the year, after that the occasional meeting reminder.

If you are interested, use the form below to let me know – despite what it seems this isn’t a technical challenge, just learning the WordPress blogging system.

I look forward to hearing from you, Bill

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