Next Member Meeting & AGM on Saturday November 7th

The Herts HPS Annual General Meeting will be held this Saturday, 7th November, at 2pm, to be followed by our own member’s talk;  Judy Barker will be telling us all about ‘Hardy Border Chrysanthemums’. Judy is a member of the Trials Committee at Wisley.  She has three allotments, which together hold a Plant Heritage National Collection of Korean, Rubellum and hardy spray chrysanthemums.  After a short talk explaining why these plants are hardy when other chrysanthemums aren’t, and giving tips on cultivation, Judy will take questions from the floor.

Don’t forget to bring your copy of the Autumn Newsletter, which contains details of the AGM agenda.

So far, we have only received two entries for the Crossword Competition in the Autumn Newsletter.  If you’re a keen cruciverbalist, don’t hesitate to send in your entry – there’s a whole ten pounds at stake here!

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