Crossword Winner

Those of you who couldn’t make it to the Christmas Party on 5th December may be interested to know that the winner of the Autumn Newsletter Prize Crossword competition was Margaret Bardell (see solution at the end of this article).  Although attendance numbers for the party were down on last year’s, members enjoyed listening to Stefan White’s story of the Tradescants, and tucked into a delicious spread afterwards.

We look forward to seeing you in early January for what should be a very informative talk on snowdrops by Richard Ayres, former Head Gardener at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge.

Happy Christmas to you all, and here’s to a bountiful 2016!




2  Squaw stirs up no drama (7) 1  Sam bewildered Latin male (3)
5  Went crazy, living in pond (4) 2  Bergamot has a nocturnal pollinator (4)
8  Chivvies old horses (4) 3  Rubs a genie up the wrong way and receives vegetables (10)
9  Arranged little onion (3) 4  Almost a princess, so pink (8)
10  National floral society initially prune fabulously and rearrange (1,1,1) 5  Yellow Book charity selects tops of new green shoots (1,1,1)
11  Slice carnivorous pitcher plant to a spade’s depth (4) 6  Sixth sense a slander, right, when formally trained (8)
12  Mrs Winder, the Greek goddess of youth? (4) 7  Common arum from giant Greek family (5)
14  Retrieves rent covering terrace excavator (6) 8  Tobacco tonic spilt on first class return to eastern China (9)
15  Lad goes to Georgia to find individual aquatic organism (4) 13  Hard surface given to snap, shattering (6,5)
17  Disorientated footballer has orange skin (4) 16  Spartan very soft, immersed in beer (5)
19   Stereoscopic vision required to find nominal Latin suffix (2) 17  Poet becomes designer of Iford Manor gardens (4)
20  River flowing to North Dakota coast leads to king water skimmer (4,6) 18  Aristocratic chick whose house is on fire (8)
21  The way one walks, perhaps, or the way one walks in? (4) 22  Accountant places bet on green (4)
23  Main Christmas evergreen from dune dweller (3,5) 23  Student union removed light source (3)
27  Frantically retracing elevated landscape (9) 24  Smell identification: damp (5)
29  Widen bed to accommodate morning glory! (8) 25  Hardy companion plant? (6)
30  Storks bill two-thirds worn away by ageless aeonium (7) 26  Play, in cabaret item at first, various prickly characters (5)
28  Set ones teeth on sharp stones (4)

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