New Conservation Coordinator

We are glad to announce that Malcolm Stodell has taken over from Diana Garner to run our conservation activities. Malcolm wanted to pass on this information:


I have recently taken over from Diana Garner as the Herts Conservation Coordinator. I hope to get to know you better in the coming months and years at the Hertfordshire meetings. Diana has been through with me what is required of me in this role but I very much remain in learning mode.

I have just been sent an email from the national coordinator asking what plants the Herts group would like to look after, from the list on the conservation website. If you already help in this role or would like to do so for the first time, could I ask you to send me your wish list ASAP using the form below? (on the website)

I will then prepare the Hertfordshire group list and those in possession of the various plants will have some idea of the numbers they need to propagate. I collect these plants when I attend the national meeting in October.

Many thanks for your help and kind regards,

Malcolm Stodell

PS Could I ask those of you who have changed their email addresses since  you last corresponded with Diana  to let me know your new ones, also using the form below ?

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