HPS at Chelsea on TV


The BBC has filmed a really excellent, long and detailed piece about the Hardy Plant Society, and the background of how the Worcestershire group came to be doing their stand ’60 Plants for 60 years’.

If you missed it, you can catch it on iPlayer: Chelsea Flower Show BBC2 on Thursday 25th May, 8pm programme. The HPS Worcester Group is on at approx. 8.40 after Sarah Eberle talking about her Barcelona garden.

As Heather has said: “It is the best TV coverage I think I’ve ever seen about HPS, wonderful publicity, and made me feel really proud to belong to such a brilliant society! It truly got the message over of what a warm, friendly, plant obsessed but inclusive society we are. John and all the Worcester group team came over wonderfully well and are to be congratulated on such a great effort”.

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