Vine Weevil distribution in Hertfordshire

Trevor James has sent this email round a wide range of people who might be able to help with a distribution map which will go in the forthcoming ‘Beetles of Hertfordshire’ that he is in the final stages of preparing for publication by the Hertfordshire Natural History Society.

He is asking if anyone can give him a specific locality and occurrence of Vine Weevil anywhere in the County, particularly if you can at least specify a year for the observation.  Attached is a copy of the current map showing all records (Map).  It shows a lot of records around Hertford and Ware, a spread across north Herts. around Hitchin/Letchworth/Baldock/Ashwell etc., but massive gaps elsewhere, notably around Welwyn Garden City, the Bishop’s Stortford area, most of west Herts., and the far south.  To be able to use records, they need to come with an Ordnance Survey grid reference (at least 4-figures).

If any of you can supply him with one or more ‘records’, he would be delighted to add them to the account.  Just in case you need to see what vine weevils look like. Vine Weevil

If you can help Trevor please reply direct to him via email

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