Hardy Plant Society 60th Anniversary Celebration – it’s not too late to join us!

Reveley Lodge Bushey Heath WD23 4GL Sunday 20 August, 2pm to 5pm. 

RSVP to Irene: jorene.cowan@gmail.com  Tel: 01727 864644


We are very privileged to be able to use this venue for our party. The Vintage Tea Room is at our disposal as is the ground floor of the house. Even the stable block has been rejuvenated. This means that rain or shine we will be sheltered and able to savour the late Victorian atmosphere.

Reveley Lodge has been much upgraded and improved since our last visit so it is disappointing that many of you are not able to attend. If at all possible we would love to see you there enjoying the tea and the garden.

You may want to follow the link to their site: www.reveleylodge.org/   




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