Help Needed

Capture 4The twice yearly Newsletter provides the opportunity to summarise dates for your diaries and info about forthcoming speakers etc but over the years it has come to also include articles that are hopefully of interest to our members. In order to ensure that we cover a variety of subjects and interest areas we try to encourage members to submit an article if they feel they would like to share a passion or some helpful info or a plant based travelogue. The next issue will come out in the Autumn and so I thought if given plenty of warning I may depend on at least one or two of you sending me an article. Do drop me an email if you’d like to discuss the ideal length or what you might like to write about.

I am also intending to include an article on members own gardening tips so for those of you who don’t feel they can write a full length piece maybe you can contribute a tip or two. 

Here’s hoping for a enthusiastic response.

Best wishes

Susanna Geoghegan  HHPS Newsletter Editor

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