Committee Volunteers needed

Capture      Dear Members

We are emailing you all as we need your help.  As you may be aware, we have the following vacancies on your committee; thus far none of you have volunteered to take on these roles.

The list is as follows:

Newsletter Editor

Publicity Officer

Refreshments (1 of 2)


Vice Chair

Your committee is currently made up of a happy group of gardeners who like, above all else, to be in their gardens, but there are not enough of us, so we are doing more than one job.

When the committee do meet the meetings are short, business-like and occur 4 times a year.  We keep the society running smoothly on your behalf, but we cannot do everything, nor should we have to.

Below is a short description of the roles, they are open to job-share; indeed, Refreshments is very much a team job with a lot of support from members, but tea and cakes are a small but important part of the service the committee provides.  Some of the other posts could lend themselves to job-share.

Newsletter Editor – this job lends itself to the member who wants to express their creativity, or to someone who has a straightforward approach to produce a business-like letter that tells the members just what they need to know.  Susanna is currently doing two jobs on the committee and wishes to do just one.

Publicity Officer – a straightforward but very important post that would lend itself to being shared.  The most important part of the job is the promotion to the public of our Plant Sale in May/June.   This sale, as you know, provides the income for the following year’s programme and hence the quality of the speakers we can afford to hire.  The post is currently vacant.

Refreshments – we have two members organising this currently, one of whom has been waiting to resign for some time.  They ensure that the team who provide the tea at meetings and bring the cakes are co-ordinated.

Secretary – one of the Officers of the Committee, this is the job for a member who likes to organise behind the scenes, no getting around it this role is the engine room of the society.  The post is vacant and the current incumbent, Heather, is leaving at the AGM after 15 years’ service for us all.  The new post holder will be mentored into the role.

Vice-Chair – a committee member who has no specific role other than to be a willing pair of hands and to step up whenever needed.  This post is currently vacant

Thanks for reading this and please get in touch, the committee members are happy to help with your queries. 

The committee look forward to hearing from you,

Liz Egre

For and on behalf of the Committee.

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