Important Message

Dear Members

Your committee wants you to know how close HHPS came to folding this month. 

It appears to us there is complacency amongst members which we have been unable to break through.  The perception that HHPS’s continued existence appears to rely on you, the members, to do nothing more than turn up to meetings, go on coach trips, bake a cake and produce plants for sale? Don’t misunderstand, those are all in themselves very welcome contributions and we trust that the membership appreciates them, the committee certainly does. But, for your society to function, a committee is vital.  Everyone must take a share in that committee work.  A full-strength committee ensures that these background jobs are not onerous, indeed, very often they are enjoyable, and the society continues to run smoothly.

We were informed over a year ago that a new Secretary was needed.  Last week we were sorry to receive Mary Robey’s resignation. Somehow, she has soldiered on, during and after an operation, but it has been hard for her.  We thank you Mary for your dedication to the Treasurer’s post and appreciate all that you have done for the Society. On behalf of the membership, we wish you well and better health in future.  Two Officers down  …

Without two Officers we were facing tough decisions.  Unless someone came forward before the Plant Sale in May, disbanding the Society, seeing the end of the Hertfordshire branch of the HPS, seemed inevitable.  Hours were spent in seeking solutions, but no way out presented itself without members volunteering for the vacancies of Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Publicity. 

Fortunately, Alison Tracy very kindly has taken on the role of Treasurer, for which we thank her; accepting her resignation as Membership Secretary.  This delayed things, but until the committee is up to full strength again, this situation will persist.

The good news is that a few days ago we had a volunteer for the role of Secretary, so we welcome Carol Waters to that post and thank her on your behalf.  We look forward to introducing her to you all at the March meeting.

The immediate crisis temporarily averted but the vacancies must be filled, or we will find ourselves in the same unhappy position again.

Vacancies: Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Publicity 

Elizabeth Egre, Chair

For and on behalf of the HHPS committee

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