Next Meeting: 2pm Saturday 5th October

Speaker: Tony Goode ‘A Crocus for all Seasons’

Image result for Tony Goode ‘A Crocus for all Seasons’

A keen Alpine gardener, Tony will in his talk today cover the genus Crocus, his specialist subject, and will look at the botany of both wild and cultivated plants. 

Message from Beryl – Plant Sales

At meetings at the beginning of the year members supported the group magnificently by buying lots and lots of plants that I, and other members of the group, bring in for the sales table.   We also sell hundreds of plants at our Grand Plant Sale in St Albans in May.   

During the Summer I have been busy splitting plants and growing more from seed and now have a lot of plants to start bringing along to the meetings. The downside of this is I find my stock of flower pots has again diminished.  So,  as the plants bought from me will now be flourishing in your gardens and, I am sure, everyone will have bought one or two more plants from other places during the year and you will have lots of empty pots.  Therefore,  before the next meeting, please have a clear out and bring them along for me and I will then be happy to recycle them for you and fill them with more plants. Just remember though,  I am afraid I am rather fussy and only want mainly the 4″ or 5″ SQUARE ones.

   pot potpotpotpot

At the Annual Plant Sale in May, many customers brought their own bags this year, instead of us having to supply them, so it would be great if members can do the same at monthly meetings, although we will still have some for you at no charge!


P.S    Also, if you kindly took some black tablecloths home to wash after the Plant Sale, please remember to let me have them back.  Thank you.


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