Meetings news – Members only

The committee do hope you are all as well as can be expected despite the impact of the recent months on all our lives.

You may be wondering what we have been up to during the enforced separation since lockdown began?  Recently, we have been pondering how to restart the society’s activities safely from October. 

We are pleased to let you know that, as things stand, the Memorial Hall will be available to us and our speakers have agreed to give the talks which can also be broadcast via Zoom. However, because numbers will be restricted to only 35 for any one meeting, places would need to be booked in advance. No refreshments can be provided.

We need to ask you as members:

  1. If you would prefer not to attend any meetings at our regular venue
  2. If you would be interested in participating in a meeting through Zoom.
  3. If you would need help in setting up Zoom in order to participate.
  4. If you would like to attend a meeting in the hall, subject to wearing a face-covering and bringing your own refreshment. 

Please let us know your views. Stay safe, and happy gardening!

9 thoughts on “Meetings news – Members only

  1. Dear Janet if the October meeting at the Memorial Hall goes ahead please put my name down as an attendee
    Please also pass onto the committee this news, I was contacted via HHPS as to a chrysanthemum collection at Savill Gardens needing a new home. Today that collection is travelling down to Devon as a proposed new National Collection of Japanese Exhibition Chrysanthemums. Many thanks for passing this on

  2. I would be interested in participating in a meeting through Zoom.
    I already use Zoom so would just need the login details.
    Thanks Elspeth Goodwin

  3. Hi Janet Sorry not to respond earlier. I would like to attend any meetings in person and would also participate via Zoom. (No help with zoom needed).

    Best wishes Kathryn

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  4. Thank you for letting us know what your future plans are. At present I will not be attending metings in person until early 2021. Good luck with the restart and I hope all goes well.
    Best wishes to you all

    1. I’d be interested in options 2 and 4
      Liz Machin
      PS The Harpenden Gardening Society are offering Zoom lectures to their members. Check out our website for further information

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