Next meeting at Memorial Hall – Saturday 1st April at 2pm

Fiona Edmond

‘Planting for Scent in your Garden All Year Round’

Don’t forget … we are back in the Memorial Hall and we’re holding our annual Seedling Swap!

The speaker for our April meeting is Fiona Edmond, owner and creator of Green Island Gardens near Colchester.

Fiona says … “I am a great believer in fate, and as such I know that it was always my destiny to end up at Green Island. Like my farmer father, I know that we are only on this earth for a short time and can only be considered as guardians of the land. Over the last twenty years I have been lucky enough to be able to indulge my passion for my love of plants as well as create the garden of my dreams, and it gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction now to be able to share it with others.”

Fiona’s garden is open to the public and there’s lots of information about Fiona and her garden on her website

Seedling Swap

The talk will be followed by tea/coffee and biscuits, and our annual seedling swap. If you have not joined in the seedling swap before then here’s your opportunity. If you have any excess seedlings to swap please bring them along. Even if you don’t have any you might be able to go away with some seedling treasures grown by other members. It’s worth bringing along a small seed tray or similar to take home your ‘booty’.

On a more serious note … no members have come forward to join the committee.

Unless someone volunteers, the Society will not progress beyond November this year. Groups and Societies are folding on a regular basis due to the lack of interest in joining the committee … Cuffley Horticultural Society being a recent example.

Do you really want our group to fold? Come on, it’s fun to be on the committee and not onerous unless, as it is now, that some committee members are doing two or three roles at the same time.  It cannot go on like this much longer. No-one would be dropped in the deep end, there’s lots of sharing of information and help available.

So please, contact Annie or any committee member and help keep the group going!

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