Issue 48, Article 6: New Committee Members Required & Notices

Autumn 2012, Issue 48

New committee members needed

Our Membership Secretary, Diana Barry, has decided to step down after many years of valued service.  We are currently re-allocating roles in order to establish an experienced committee member as Membership Secretary, but this leaves other committee positions vacant.

The committee requires a certain number of members to run the Society successfully and we would urge anyone who has an interest to contact Heather Osborne via the “Contact Us” page on this website.

Remember, expressing an interest doesn’t mean you’re making a commitment.  The committee is a lively group of like-minded people and the meetings are fun (and have great biscuits!).

New members

A big welcome to all new members who joined this year:  Anthony Cooper, Beryl Davis, Pip Mitchell, Pamela Ridley, and Jenny Wilson.

In memoriam

We regret to announce that three long-standing members of the HHPS passed away this year:  Daphne Coates, Danae Johnston and Sheena Michael.  Fondly remembered and sadly missed by all who knew them.


A correction to the information given in the Spring 2012 Newsletter: the yearly subscription to Cornucopia is now £3, not £2.20 as stated.  Members can pay for this along with their annual national subscription.

Cornucopia is the twice-yearly digest of the best writing from the Newsletters of the HPS local and specialist groups.

Email Addresses

If you provide us with your email address, we can keep in touch with you between newsletters, with information about garden open days and other events of interest.  Your address will not be passed on to any third parties.

Subscriptions for 2013

Renewals notices will be sent in November under separate cover.

Please note that membership of the National HPS is a requirement for continued membership of a Local Group.

 Seedling Exchange, April 2012

Many thanks to Janet Tyndale for hosting the seedling exchange which took place in April.  Always a useful occasion for members to pass on their surplus plants and try out new varieties, it was a convivial start to the season’s events.


  1. Front Page and Contents
  2. Editorial
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Grand Plant Sale
  5. Seed Distribution Scheme
  6. New Committee Members Required & Notices
    • New members
    • In memoriam
    • Cornucopia
    • Email addresses
    • 2013 Subscriptions
  7. Summer Gardens Day
  8. HPS Conservation Scheme
  9. AGM Agenda, November 3rd
  10. AGM Minutes, 2011
  11. Front cover plant profile Aconitum carmichaelii ‘Arendsii’ (AGM)
  12. Events Programme 2013
  13. Coach Trip
  14. Anne Godfrey

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