Vivienne McGhee’s August Update

This is the season for garden visiting and so it has been for me in July. The range has been from a local HPS member’s garden to those of professional gardeners and a garden restoration project. Each garden displays the personality of the gardener and even where the structure is an inherited one, the plantingContinue reading “Vivienne McGhee’s August Update”

Vivienne McGhee’s July Update

I need not have worried about the garden during my absence this month. There has been a lot of rain here in Worcestershire but with just enough sunshine and heat to encourage flower. As a result the plants are looking very healthy and there are some stars. The first is Crambe cordifolia. I have twoContinue reading “Vivienne McGhee’s July Update”

Seed Distribution

Last year we had a magnificent response to our request for seed donations. The 2012 seed list brought in many new types of seed, including plants that are often hard to find. Please continue to send in your donations, especially since there is concern that seed may be in short supply owing to the lateContinue reading “Seed Distribution”

Ashridge House and Gardens Opening in August 2012

I am emailing information about the opening of Ashridge House and the Grade II* gardens for guided tours during August and hope  it  may be of interest to members of the Hardy Plants Society.  Whilst the house and gardens are open for tours during August, the gardens continue to be open at weekends for general visitsContinue reading “Ashridge House and Gardens Opening in August 2012”

Daisy Roots at the Chelsea Flower Show Chelsea Flower Show: Nursery rooting for drought success A nursery based in Hertfordshire is exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time with a garden that thrives in drought conditions. Created by Anne Godfrey of Daisy Roots she said: “Although we’re having a hose pipe ban I wanted to show it wasContinue reading “Daisy Roots at the Chelsea Flower Show”