Photography Scheme

DSC_4366Within the HHPS group we have a number of members who are photography enthusiasts and a scheme has been proposed which would give garden owners the opportunity to receive high quality photos of their garden, and keen photographers the chance to practice their skills. The scheme isn’t intended to involve money at all, nor be commercial in any way. The arrangements will be informal, initiated via the HHPS committee (see below).

A member will need to suggest a date, or dates, for the photography to take place, along with their intentions for the event such as specific areas of the garden of interest or specific plants to be captured, and any further ideas they would like to see taken up. The member will also need to suggest any areas of their garden or house they want to exclude from the event for privacy or security reasons.

As a photographer, a key issue will be access to a garden in favourable light – bright days can bring too much contrast which cameras don’t cope well with, so sometimes a duller day is better. Although owners will have their own views on the best time of year (or time of day) to have their garden photographed, some flexibility on dates to catch good weather may be needed. Part of the arrangements between the garden owner and photographer(s) will be discussion about particular items of interest to be captured, whether they be individual plants, beds, or suggested angles of view within the garden.

DSC_4410The benefit to the garden owner is to receive electronic copies of the photographs taken, but not necessarily prints unless arranged between the owner and the photographer(s). The photographer(s) get to keep and use the photographs for non-commercial purposes. The scheme also gives the garden owner a right to veto the use of any of the photos taken, which will mean a meeting after the event, to review the results and finalise agreement on the shots the photographer is free to use.

The photographer will provide the owner with the photos in a digital format using any means agreeable, such as on a CD, DVD, memory stick or web download. Any additional arrangements are between the owner and the photographer, the HHPS need not get involved other than to introduce both parties, and to ensure a clear  understanding of this scheme between both parties.

Any gardener or photographer who would like to get involved should email Bill Hodgson (details on the committee page, or use the form below) and he will help co-ordinate the arrangements.

Guidelines in Summary

  1. Garden owners should contact Bill Hodgson to start the ball rolling.
  2. Photographers who would like to be notified when an opportunity arises should also notify Bill, who will let you know at the right time.
  3. The garden owner should note down and email any special requests, instructions or restrictions, to be passed on.
  4. Photographers will need to indicate their agreement to any terms requested by the owner.
  5. Garden owners are entitled to receive electronic (high quality) copies of any or all photographs taken, via a medium agreed with the photographer(s).
  6. Garden owners have the right to exclude any photographs from public use, but within reason and not arbitrarily.
  7. Photographers (after point 6 is agreed) have the right to use the photographs for any non-commercial purpose including publication on-line or exhibition.
  8. The HHPS is not responsible nor liable for guaranteeing any of these arrangements, and will act to introduce the parties.


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