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Programme 2017


7th October 2017 (this event is by ticket only for visitors)

Celebrity Lecture: Anna Pavord – ‘Perfect Partners’

Also attending will be national HPS Chair, Cathy Rollinson

Anna is the gardening correspondent for The Independent and a prolific author, probably best known for her widely acclaimed book ‘The Tulip’. Her most recent publication, ‘Landskipping’, is an illuminating study of the British countryside. In this lecture, Anna reveals some of her ‘star’ plants and links them with companions to create irresistible planting associations based on texture, shape, colour and scent. 

Some of Anna’s articles can be found at The Independent – Anna Pavord

4th November 2017

AGM, followed by Member’s Talk: Adrian de Baat – ‘Late Summer Colour’

Adrian is a long-time member of the Herts Group and has been opening his garden for the NGS for several years now. Many of you will have been impressed by his skill in combining grasses and perennials for a spectacular show of colour late in the season. In this talk he will give us the benefit of his experience and help us all extend the interest in our borders well into autumn.

2nd December 2017

Timothy Walker – ‘From Diaz to Diamonds’

Timothy Walker was, until 2014, the Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. He is a Fellow of the Linnaean Society of London and has been a research lecturer in the Department of Plant Sciences at Oxford since 1992. He has spoken to the Herts Group on several occasions and is always entertaining. This talk takes a route from the southernmost tip of Africa to the border with Namibia, looking at one of the most botanically diverse areas of the world: the Western Cape.

Our Christmas Party follows Timothy’s talk.


Programme 2018

6th January 2018

Nick Wray. “The Evolution of Flowers”

Nick is the curator of Bristol Botanic Garden. You may remember his presentation a few years ago when he talked about moving the entire garden to a new site.

3rd February 2018

Andrew Brogan.  “The Story of the Making of Henstead Exotic Garden”

Andrew gardens near Beccles in Suffolk, almost as far east as it is possible to be in England. Nevertheless he manages to persuade many exotic plants to grow and thrive.                                                                               

3rd March 2018

Alun and Jill Whitehead. “Irises for the Natural Garden”

Alun and Jill hold a national collection of Siberian Irises and it is these that they will be talking about.                                                                  

7th April 2018

Dianne Nichol- Brown.   “Barking up the Wrong Tree”.

Dianne and her husband run Polemonium Plantery in County Durham and hold two national collections; of Polemoniaceae and Hakonechloa.

If you think you do not have room for a tree in your garden then Dianne might persuade you differently. She will talk about suitable varieties and those to avoid.


6th October 2018

Marcus Dancer  “Scented Plants throughout the Year”.

Marcus runs a nursery in Hampshire specialising in Clematis.

3rd November 2018

Peter Osborne. “St Stephens Compost – Make Friends with the Worms”

Peter Osborne explains his personal approach to quality compost making.

If you have ever been to Heather and Peter Osborne’s garden and marvelled its beauty and lushness then you will be interested to hear how Peter makes the compost that contributes to the spectacular display they produce every year.

The talk will be follow the AGM

1st December 2018

Bob Brown “Geraniums – Restraint and Discrimination”

A welcome return from the ever popular speaker. How do you choose the best Geraniums from the wealth available? No doubt Bob will tell us in his inimitable style.                                                                                                                  

The talk will be followed by our Christmas Party.