Issue 47, Article 1: Editorial

After a most successful Christmas party following Stephen Lacey’s talk it is time to look forward to the year ahead. The committee hope that the programme we have lined up for you this year will be as satisfying or even better than last year.

Hosting the ‘Summer Gardens Day’ will be a challenge as well as a lot of fun. Working together as a group is a great way to get to know other members and is what makes our society gel. Annie’s plea for help bore some fruit, which is very gratifying. As a result this will be the last newsletter I shall be producing.

Marion Jay has very kindly offered to take over and of course she will be exploring new ways of presentation, we may even end up with some coloured pages. This is my 13th edition—I did not realise I had been doing it for so long. It’s been a real learning curve.

When I started the newsletter was in A4 format and we did not even have a publishing programme. Changes in the postal system forced a change of size and layout often leaving me with little odd spaces to fill—here comes another plea – please send in a few odd lines on a topic or product that interests you for those odd holes!!

Irene Cowan

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