Using the Forum & Site

This page is a short guide to using the Forum and other areas of the site. If you get really stuck, email me here and I will help. There are four tips:

  1. Asking a new question or starting a discussion
  2. Adding an image into your entry
  3. Replying to an existing question or discussion
  4. A link to the official WordPress support page for Comments
  5. Using the Follow Button

1. Asking a question or starting a new discussion

  • At the bottom of the Forum page is a box labelled “Begin a new subject or ask a question here:“, looking like this:

  • Type your question or comment into the box, which will expand to look like this:

  • For the forum to work, you need to supply your email address, and your name
    • The email address is stored privately to this website and is not accessible by anyone else, nor will be be used for any other purpose
    • When other members reply to your question or comment, you will be notified by email (provided you tick “Notify me of new posts via email”)
  • When your entry is complete, click the “Post Comment” button on the bottom right
  • The first time you make an entry, it will need to be approved by the administrator of the site (shown on the Committee page), to ensure you are a legitimate user of the forum, members and non-members are welcome
  • The administrator will be notified by email and hopefully approve your question quickly
  • This approval process only happens once, after that your questions and replies will appear straight away

2. Adding an image into your question or comment

To avoid abuse by spammers we are obliged to follow this procedure:

  1. Post your comment and include the URL (web address) of any image you would like included, like this:
    • “Can anyone tell me the name of this thing:”
  2. I will then use my amazing powers of web editing to transform that URL into an actual image like this for you:
    • “Can anyone tell me the name of this thing: 
  3. Adding images direct from your computer isn’t possible, but you could email it to me and I will add it.

3. Replying to an existing question or discussion

  • Here’s an example question already posted on the forum

  • Underneath the question is a “Reply” button – click it, and use the same procedure as above to complete your response
  • Your reply, will appear underneath the question, and indented

4. Stop ‘Following’ the HHPS


  1. Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you receive from WordPress / HHPS, or
  2. Go to this page and unfollow:!/read/edit/ or
  3. Click for more help, or
  4. Email myself ( and I’ll get in touch

5. Using the Follow Button

On the right hand side is a button like this:

Receive email updates by using the Follow Button

By clicking the Follow button and registering your email address, any time a News item is added to the site, you will be notified by email.

If you change your mind and wish to change your ‘Follow’ status, use this page:

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